Overview Of Essential Cattle Working Equipment

Successful cattle farming is rooted in the careful selection of reliable equipment, designed to assist with handling and caring for cattle efficiently and safely. This article provides an overview of essential cattle working equipment that forms the backbone of any productive cattle operation.

Cattle Handling Systems

The heart of any cattle farm is a well-designed cattle handling system, usually consisting of a series of interconnected pens, alleys, and chutes. 

The system aids in moving and controlling the cattle for various tasks, such as feeding, medical treatments, or loading onto transport vehicles. Its design should prioritize both the safety of the cattle and handlers and efficient movement of the animals.

Cattle Crush or Squeeze Chute

A cattle crush or squeeze chute is a sturdy enclosure designed to restrain a cow safely for examination or treatment. It features a headgate to secure the animal's head, side panels that lightly squeeze to hold the cow firmly, and often a tailgate to prevent the animal from backing out. 

Some designs include a weigh scale or even a hydraulic mechanism for added safety and convenience.

Calf Table

A calf table is specifically designed for handling calves. It allows the calf to be safely laid on its side, with its head and feet secured, facilitating procedures like branding, tagging, vaccination, or castration. This equipment ensures minimal stress to the young animal and makes the operation safer for the handler.

Livestock Panels and Gates

Livestock panels and gates are fundamental components of a cattle farm. They are used to construct pens, alleys, and holding areas within the handling system. These components should be robust and durable, able to withstand pressure from large animals. Gates should also open and close easily for efficient movement of cattle.

Feeding and Watering Equipment

Feeding and watering equipment like troughs, feeders, and water tanks are essential for providing the cattle with nutrition and hydration. They should be designed to minimize wastage and contamination of feed and water, and sized to cater to the number of cattle in the herd.

Cattle Prod

A cattle prod, a handheld device that delivers a low-voltage electric shock, is sometimes used to encourage cattle to move, particularly those that are reluctant or aggressive. It should be used responsibly and as a last resort, as improper use can cause unnecessary stress to the animals.

Ear Tags and Tagging Equipment

Ear tags are essential for identifying individual animals in a herd. Tagging equipment includes the tags themselves and a tagging gun to apply them. Tags can carry a range of information from simple identification numbers to detailed data like the animal's birth date, breeding history, and medical records.

For more information on cattle equipment, contact a supplier.

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