Landscape Material Considerations For Agricultural Properties

When you're ready to invest in some landscaping materials for your agricultural property, it's important to approach the process with the proper level of care and consideration. When you're landscaping any kind of agricultural operation, there are factors to consider that might not be relevant in a residential application. Here are some of the things that you need to think about and discuss with your landscaping material suppliers.

How will the landscaping materials affect your drainage systems?

Remember that property drainage and runoff are serious concerns for agricultural properties in particular. Whether you're dealing with runoff from crop spraying, livestock waste, or soil erosion, you'll want to make sure that any landscaping supplies and materials you incorporate will serve to improve your runoff situations and soil stability, minimizing the chances of any kind of contamination on neighboring properties or within the local water table.

Are the landscape materials you've chosen safe for any livestock?

If you have livestock on your property, you're limited in the landscaping materials that you can choose. You'll have to make sure that anything you add to your property's landscape is safe for your livestock in the event that they get to it. Remember that even though your herds may be contained by fences, fences can break. That means making sure that everything you plant on your property is as safe as possible for your herds just in case they come in contact with it.

Not only that, but you should also ensure that the landscape materials you choose can hold up to the wear and tear that your livestock might subject it to. Opt for grasses and shrubs that can withstand the damage from the herds, including foot traffic, grazing, and similar issues.

Are the landscape materials you chose considered invasive?

Even when you're choosing native plants for conservation purposes, consider whether anything you're adding to your property is considered invasive. Especially when you grow crops or raise livestock, you want to avoid adding any kind of invasive landscaping materials that could overtake growing or grazing areas. Talk with your landscape material supplier about the invasive nature of anything you are considering for your property.

These are some of the most important things to think about when you're investing in landscape materials for your agricultural property. When you balance the needs of your crop production, livestock care, and landscape design, you'll get a sustainable ecosystem that you can enjoy with less maintenance and upkeep.

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